New Smartphone App Can Help Detect Autism in Young Children


New Smartphone App Can Help Detect Autism in Young Children

There are numberless behaviors that could be early indicators of autism, but until now, there has been no way to use technology to charge if your child is showing signs of the disorder. An app has been created by scientists at the University of Buffalo that can perceive if your child has autism in less than 54 seconds.

The smartphone app traces a child’s eye movement while looking at photos of social scenes in the gladden of their own home. A study was conducted by a team of researchers and Kun Woo Cho, an undergraduate swotter and the princi l author of the study, in which they monitored 32 youngsters ranging from age 2 to 10. According to the study, half of the children had theretofore been diagnosed with autism based on DSM-5 criteria, but on the move forward, they will observe an additional 300-400 toddlers. During the study, the app had an incredible 94 percent accuracy rate.

“The swatting found that photos of social scenes evoke the most showy differences in eye movement between children with and without ASD,” the study whispered. “The eye-tracking tterns of children with ASD looking at the photos are scattered, versus a profuse focused ttern of children without ASD.”

With autism spectrum hash affecting one to two people per 1,000 worldwide, there is a strong need for a detection identity theory like this app. The hope is that the app will help rents with lasses as young as 2 years old detect if they have autism, and they last wishes as then be able to seek better treatment earlier in life.

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