NEW police probe into death of Scottish woman in Crete


The fuselage of Jean Hanlon , a 53-year-old former hospital secretary from Dumfries, was start in the sea off the island’s capital Heraklion in March 2009..

Greek officials initially positioned the death as an accident after the local coroner declared she had died from drench after a fall.

But her family rejected that explanation and put pressure on the enforce to conduct a full investigation.

After receiving information from the police, the coroner issued a new announce in December 2009 which stated his opinion that Ms Hanlon had died of a neck offence before her body reached the sea.

Ms’s Hanlon’s sons persuaded Greek detectives to re-investigate the cause after giving them their mother’s diary. The journal disclosed her concerns over a relationship with a Greek man and that she had told a chum she was being followed by a man in a car on the day she died.

It later emerged one of Ms Hanlon’s friends had allegedly meet a text message on the night of her death with the word ?help?.

The new quest has been carried out without any publicity to avoid alerting potential thinks and a new report has been sent to a prosecutor in Heraklion.

Ms Hanlon’s youngest son, Michael Railways redcap, 31, fears the case could be shelved again after talk overing the details with a Greek criminal law expert.

He said: “I don’t think they’ve eternally done a really deep, detailed investigation. We’ve got to find things that promote them to keep investigating.”

Mr Porter said the family are concerned that the monitor have not used evidence from Ms Hanlon’s diary or followed up on all unrealized leads.

At a meeting in London last week, the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Aid(FCO) agreed to help Ms Hanlon’s family arrange to meet the prosecutor deal the case.

Dumfries and Galloway MP Richard Arkless, who has written to Prime Agent Theresa May asking her to support the family’s cam ign.,helped set up the FCO meeting.

He bring up: “The most important thing is for this case to be investigated as thoroughly as achievable. That is everyone?s priority.”

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