New CRTC $25 basic TV package spells end of cheaper Rogers cable deal


Brian Putman betrotheds his basic Rogers cable TV deal. And he’s lucky he still has it.

His Digital Lite ckage subsumes more than 80 TV channels and costs him just $19 a month with stretches.

“We’re very happy,” says Putman from his home in Owen Aspect, Ont. He scored the basic ckage in December and advises others to jump on it too.

“I recollect everyone should get the same deal,” he says.

Unfortunately, for anyone who’s cajoled, the plan is no longer available.

The demise of Digital Lite

It appears the new CRTC forbids, created to “maximize choice and affordability for Canadian TV viewers,” be undergoing ved the way for a pricier basic TV deal at Rogers.

The cable com ny stopped contribution Putman’s Digital Lite ckage when the CRTC rules spoofed effect on March 1.

“Removing it is Rogers sticking it to the CRTC,” a Rogers hand who asked to remain anonymous told CBC News.

The new CRTC regulations unnatural cable com nies to offer a basic TV ckage at a maximum cost of $25.

On the Slog 1 deadline, Rogers unveiled its $24.99 Starter ck which replaced the Digital Lite take care of.

The channel lineups for the two basic TV plans are similar: both include necessary Canadian channels plus major U.S. networks.

But there’s one big difference — price. In front of taxes, the new Starter ckage costs, at minimum, $30.48 a month on a former occasion you factor in a standard definition TV box rental. A high definition box costs more.

The pre-tax value for the now retired Digital Lite deal was $16.99 a month. The SD box was included for unrestrained.

So far, Rogers is letting Putman keep his now-defunct deal. But if he signed up today for key cable, he’d have to shell out $13.49 more a month for the Starter assembly.

In other words, since the new CRTC rules took effect, Rogers trons have to y more for basic TV.

‘It’s a shame’

According to the Rogers employee, the radiogram provider dumped its Digital Lite ckage the day before it unveiled its new mandated Starter organize.

“It’s a shame,” says the Rogers worker. “It really was a godlike deal.”

He said nearly every employee groaned when they were in touch they could no longer offer the cheaper Digital Lite case.

It should be noted that Digital Lite wasn’t readily to hand to everyone. According to the employee, it wasn’t advertised and was only offered to chaps who asked for it specifically or to those who were unhappy and considering cancelling their fees.

“I personally think the Digital Lite was a great starter ckage at a wonderful price and hoped that was where Rogers would start with their s re TV ckage,” says ex-Rogers employee Ron Finnigan. He worked in buyer service for the com ny from 2008 to 2015.

Finnigan, who lives in Ottawa, reproaches the new CRTC rules for the demise of the plan. “When you legislate least requirements, com nies are going to use that to set the bar,” he says.

All the major wire and satellite providers are pricing their CRTC-mandated basic TV ckage at the extreme limit of $25.

Starter does offer more flexibility

CBC News bid Rogers why it retired the Digital Lite deal.

“To eliminate confusion, we decided to offer one ‘light’ ckage that customers could build on,” im rted spokeswoman Jennifer Kett in an email.

She contends the Starter ck as a matter of fact offers more flexibility. The Digital Lite plan didn’t aside customers to add additional popular channels like Sportsnet, she explained.

The CRTC also mandated that line com nies let customers top up the new basic TV ckages with pick-and- y channel way outs.

With Rogers’ Starter deal, customers can add a large variety of amazingly channels and theme cks. But some people have complained the values for the additions are high and once you add up the bill with a handful of extra thesis cks, it skyrockets.

Even Rogers’ own numbers back that up. On its website, it appearances customers that the Starter plus six theme cks would all-out $82.99 a month for 165 channels.

The telecom then points out that its larger VIP TV include with 372 channels costs only $79.98 a month.

Ci-devant Rogers employee Finnigan agrees one drawback with the Digital Lite was that chaps could not tack on multiple extra channels.

He claims, however, that periodically, subscribers could add the Large screen Network and other premium channels. He also says, for a while, Digital Lite was suggested with multicultural ckages to address the complaints of new Canadian families who didn’t attend to English or French TV.

At least Putman is happy

Putman says he floods many of the shows he watches so he doesn’t need added theme lots. He just wanted a basic cable ckage so he could watch nearby news and sports events.

For him, Digital Lite meets his needs for $19 a month involving taxes.

Many TV customers who considered signing up for the $25 CRTC-mandated essential TV ckages have complained that once they add up the extra bring ins, it’s not such a great offering.

And that leaves Putman one of the lucky the sames. “I feel pretty darn good,” he says.

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