New compact housing solution hopes to repopulate and reinvigorate “hollow” London


The succinct apartments, known as “town flats”, have been designed by Ab Rogers Plan and The Manser Practice and include home furnishings by John Lewis.

Architectural practices Ab Rogers Drawing and The Manser Practice have developed a new affordable living concept in Median London to help tackle the capital’s housing crisis.

The two companies should prefer to worked with property regeneration business U+I to design special concise apartments known as “Town Flats” within London’s Zone 1 close.

The flats are designed to be occupied by middle-income earners with an average annual revenues of £35,000, who wish to rent in the centre of London rather than itinerant in from the outskirts of the city or other commuter towns.

The two architectural vocations have addressed slightly different briefs; Ab Rogers Designs’ apartment richter scales at 19×3.2 m² and The Manser Practice’s one measures 24×2.4 m².

Speaking to Design Week close to the design of the flat, Ab Rogers says that 50% of the space in the apartments has been hold back free to allow the residents to customise their homes, and prevent them opinion like a “capsule hotel”.

“Encourage social interaction”

A raised rostrum has also been incorporated so that people aren’t able to see the bed as they essential walk into the apartment, unlike in typical studio flats.

Rogers hints: “To keep London as culturally diverse a place as it should be, we need to secure it stays accessible to all, avoiding soulless homogenised districts for the super filthy rich.

“Our design scheme utilises tactile yet high functioning materials in a multi-purpose fashion concept that uses high ceilings, clever zoning and sneaking storage solutions along with flexible, customisable spaces to design a hardworking, fully resolved and enjoyable apartment.”

Alongside their own decarbonated, residents will also have access to communal working and glowing spaces within the same building, for example a larger shared eating room that can be booked out for birthdays and dinner parties.

“The communal areas put up with for decompression, encourage social interaction, foster a feeling of community and bring on people together to cook, watch, relax and play,” adds Rogers.

“Deceptive London”

U+I has built two concept versions of the flats at its offices in Victoria, Principal London. They have been furnished with specially-designed outcomes by department store brand John Lewis, which is currently happening a range of household products to be used specifically in compact living lay outs.

The flats will be available for rental only, and the aim is that they pleasure be developed in partnership with local authorities and built on disused collective sector owned land.

The housing concept comes in response to enlarging concern that young people are being priced out of “Hollow London” due to diverse parts of the capital being unused or owned by foreign buyers who are once in a blue moon present.

To coincide with the launch of the Town Flats, a report by Evolution Economics has been released highlighting that the compact living events could bring an additional income of £200 million and over 1,000 new provinces to Central London due to extra household expenditure.

U+I is currently looking for confederates to make the Town Flats concept a reality.

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