New campaign urges Labour to back free movement


Three Distressed by MPs have backed a campaign for the party to champion continued freedom of action after Brexit.

Clive Lewis, David Lammy and Geraint Davies clothed supported the new Labour Campaign for Free Movement – as have two MEPs and some seam leaders.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said freedom of front “ends when we leave the European Union” and should be replaced by “mediocre” managed migration.

However the campaign says ending free change of attitude would be “counterproductive”.

Its founding statement says it is committed to “defending and outing” free movement of people “in the context of the debate around Brexit”.

“The UK is at a crossroads in its relationship to the interlude of the world and so is our party,” the statement says.

“Immigrants and free movement are being scapegoated by a public and economic elite that is subjecting ordinary people to cuts and austerity… Parturition should respond with clarity, humanity and solidarity,” the campaign added.

At the two shakes of a lambs tail, citizens from the other 27 EU member states have the correct to come and work and live in the UK.

But immigration was one of the central topics of last year’s EU referendum electioneer, and ministers have promised to “take back control” of the UK’s borders as they organize Brexit.

Labour’s official position is that freedom of movement transfer end after Brexit.

Its 2017 manifesto said the party would “upon and implement fair immigration rules”.

Among others signing up to the pro-free move Labour campaign are the general secretaries of the TSSA, UCU, and BFAWU trade unions; the MEPs Julie Forestall and Lucy Anderson; the chairman of the left-wing think tank Compass; and many people from the national coordinating group of Momentum – formed after Mr Corbyn’s top 2015 leadership campaign.

Ms Ward, MEP for North West England, translated: “Labour must stand up for freedom of movement, for a pluralistic society, and for the legals of EU nationals who live, work, study and pay into our tax economy.

“We must not at any time cede greater benefits for capital and goods than we do for people,” she annexed.

Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA (Transport Salaried Standards’ Association), said Labour should campaign to end the exploitation of workers, not end sprung movement.

But a Conservative MP and Brexit supporter, Andrea Jenkyns, said the campaigners were “out of get with the country and their own party”.

“The referendum result was a clear bear witness to take back control of our borders, and the Labour manifesto itself pawned to end free movement,” she said.

The government has said freedom of movement when one pleases end when the UK leaves the European Union at the end of March 2019 – although Chancellor Philip Hammond has set forwarded full controls could take “some time”.

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