NetJets receives first fractional Cessna Citation Latitude jet from Cessna

28 June 2016

US-based NetJets has be told its first fractional Cessna Citation Latitude midsize business jet from Textron Aviation subsidiary Cessna Aircraft Society.

A rt of Berkshire Hathaway com ny, NetJets sells rt ownership or shares, positive as fractional ownership, of private business jets.

NetJets has also annexed 50 more options to its initial order for Cessna Citation Latitude class in 2012, bringing its total order and options up to 200 aircraft.

Had to enter into service next month, NetJets’ first Latitude jet whim be rt of its North American fleet that includes four other Cessna forms, namely Citation Encore/Encore+, Citation Excel/XLS, Citation Shah and Citation X aircraft.

Textron Aviation president and CEO Scott Ernest suggested: “The Cessna and NetJets relationship extends more than 20 years and our newest certified obligation jet is a perfect fit for their operations.

“The Citation Latitude’s performance and value proposition equates to increased productivity for NetJets’ owners, while ceding them large-cabin amenities at a midsize cost.”

“The Cessna and NetJets relationship unrolls more than 20 years and our newest certified business jet is a consummate fit for their operations.”

NetJets has also been operating two demonstrator aircraft across the US and Europe to showcase the Citation Latitude to NetJets owners in advance of the aircraft entering its fleet.

Last August, Cessna began transports of the Citation Latitude, which is ca ble to fly non-stop from major US urban districts such as Los Angeles to New York, and Chicago to San Francisco.

With a maximum organize of 2,850 nautical miles, the Citation Latitude is equipped with a unpolished floor and a 6ft cabin height, a new cabin cooling system and a new pressurisation arrangement.

Cessna has so far delivered 23 Citation Latitude to customers worldwide.

Cessna’s new Citations aircraft in increase include the super-midsize Citation Longitude, on schedule to fly later this year, and the Citation Hemisphere, Cessna’s ssage into the large-cabin market and expected to fly in 2019.

Image: Textron Aviation and NetJets envoys. Photo: courtesy of Textron Aviation.

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