Netflix now has more than 5.2 million customers in Canada, report suggests


Hardly half of Canadians used Netflix to watch a TV show or movie in the done month, according to a report Wednesday from a Toronto-based digital consultancy.

In its four times a year Digital Life Canada report, Solutions Research Group believed that roughly 5.2 million Canadian households currently y for a Netflix cost.

The latest Statistics Canada data suggest there are about 13 million households across the mother country, which implies the streaming service is on its way to having 50 per cent discrimination.

Based on regulatory filings from Telus, Shaw, Rogers and Bell, a hardly ever over 11 million Canadian households currently y for some throw of television service.

Netflix doesn’t break down its subscriber derive by country anymore, but SRG’s report is based on its own research including interviews with varied than 1,000 online users across the country. The com ny has been railway Netflix’s subscriber base since 2011.

The report suggests Netflix has added various than a million customers in Canada since last summer. Survive month, the com ny raised its prices from the initial $7.99 a month and offered opportunities for customers who want to stream more high-definition content on several contrivances at once.

In April, 46 per cent of Canadians said they Euphemistic pre-owned Netflix to stream a full-length movie or TV show in the st month. Five years ago, that share stood at 11 per cent.

Netflix isn`t the only streaming service mark growth in Canada, but the numbers show more recent upstarts contain a long way to go to sur ss the com ny.

CraveTV, owned by Bell, and Shomi, co-owned by Rogers and Shaw, both pitched in 2014, first to television subscribers but then quickly opened themselves up to anyone with an internet kith. According to SRG’s estimates, the two services currently have just over 700,000 chaps put together.

That`s less than one-seventh of Netflix’s current reach, SRG communicates.

In addition to Shomi, Rogers also launched a sports-themed online rush ck for $24.99 a month.

With streaming options growing, it’s dialect mayhap no surprise that more and more Canadians say they are thinking of mordant their cable television connection.

A little under half, or 46 per cent of Canadians, are currently making allowance for cutting their cable TV cord, SRG’s report estimates. Last June, that numeral stood at 38 per cent. In 2012, it was just 28 per cent.

While the bevies of cord cutters are still small in absolute terms, SRG’s numbers insinuate they could be growing fast. And the figures jibe with another circulate from Convergence last month that suggested 180,000 Canadians cut the string last year, an 80 per cent increase from 2014’s plane.

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