Neighbours spoilers: Ryan Thomas drops HUGE bombshell about Rafael ‘My exit is sad’


Coronation High road’s Ryan Thomas hasn’t even started on Neighbours yet and the actor has already blabbed all about his exit. 
The newcomer will play Rafael Humphries on the soap and pass on make his grand debut this evening during the hour-long “Hit and Run” determined. 
Speaking to press including, Ryan teased: “It’s great that it’s go out at 10pm and it’s my first appearance on Neighbours. 
“It’s brilliant to come in with a bang. It’ll be a official change for the viewers to see me in a different light. 
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Neighbours’ Ryan Thomas compares Aussie soap to Coronation High road
Neighbours spoilers: Ryan Thomas makes his debut tonight“My feature isn’t interacting at anyone at first, but you’ll see Rafael lurking in the back of everybody’s conjectures. 
“At first you’ll wonder what this guy is doing there, but you’ll bump into uncover out more as time goes on.”
What’s more, Ryan revealed what nuts can expect from his exit after revealing he won’t be in the show for too long. 
The 33-year-old conceded that his exit is “quite sad”, before adding: “By the end of it, people are going to become aware of out whether Rafael is a good guy or a bad guy. 

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Neighbours spoilers: Ryan’s character is the mysterious Rafael Humphries“I was contemporary to tell you which then, but I won’t because you might as well find out as it disintegrates along. You’ll want to go on that journey with Rafael. 
“For Rafael’s typical, you’ll see a mixed bag of emotions of what he is and who he is and then you can make your own decision.”
The last Coronation Street star also spoke out about whether he could see a undeveloped return to the ITV cobbles. 
Ryan, who used to play Jason Grimshaw, divulged: “If I looked backwards then I’m not concentrating on the journey in front of me.
Neighbours spoilers: Ryan Thomas declared that his character’s exit is “sad”“That’s why I left in the first place for new happenings and new jobs – if I was thinking about going back then I wouldn’t be pinpoint on moving forward.
“Never say never, but it’s not what I’m thinking about moral now.” 
What’s more, the soap star admitted that he hasn’t watched Coronation Drive in a while, admitting he doesn’t know what evil Pat Phelan (de-emphasize delayed by Conor McIntyre) has done to the residents. 
Neighbours’ Hit & Run special airs this evening on Conduit 5 at 10pm. 
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