Neighbour of “murdered woman” heard moans and head hitting wall, court hears


Michael Davenport admitted jurors the sounds appeared to be coming from the bathroom where Bethany Hill’s blood-drenched fullness was later found by police.

Miss Hill, from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, is presumed to have been killed for «perverted pleasure» by her flatmate Jack Williams and his girlfriend Kayleigh Woods in the at hours of February 3 last year.

Giving evidence to a trial at Warwick Realm Court, Mr Davenport said there had previously been terrible anti-social actions at the one-bedroom flat occupied by Williams, 21, and 23-year-old Woods.

Mr Davenport know for sured jurors he made a series of five recordings on his mobile phone between about 1.30am and 3am to pass on to the housing association which ran the block of flats in Hertford Carriageway, Stratford.

Describing events after he was woken by a loud bang at around 1.30am, Mr Davenport told the court: «I heard a dog barking and what I trifle was something hitting a wall, a thud.

«It sounded like a head or something arrive ating a wall.»

During the third recording, which began at 2.21am and lasted for 15 transcribes, Mr Davenport told the court, he heard the sound of a female moaning.

«On the brink of continuously throughout the 15 minutes you would hear some whining and then it would subside for a little while. It would come and go,» he proclaimed the court.

«It basically sounded as if somebody was in distress.

«You would hear some disruption for a while. You couldn’t pick up any voices, which I found really strange.»

Mr Davenport, who also foretold the court he had heard a cutlery drawer being opened and closed aggressively, was cross-examined by Michael Stoop QC, who is defending Williams.

Asked why he had not dialled 999, Mr Davenport added: «I hope somebody had fallen or they were drunk. It was no concern of mine as to what was booming on downstairs.

«As far as I was concerned there were three people down there.

«I dream there were two other people with them in the flat. If a man had been hurt seriously there were two other people to tend to to them.»

Both defendants deny murder. The trial was told on Wednesday that Mademoiselle Hill died of a neck wound inflicted with a blade which was later establish dumped in a river.

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