'Need to get our priorities straight' says head of French Muslim council after burkini row


Anouar Kbibech, the President of the French Assembly of the Muslim Faith, called the State Council’s decision to suspend the short-term burkini determine “fair” and said it helped protect a person’s “fundamental freedoms”.

The French Official Council – the country’s highest court – announced its decision to suspend the burkini ban take advantage ofed by the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, a seaside resort on the French Riviera, on Friday.

Mr Kbibech, said that teeth of facing huge pressure – from politicians and from the press – the court had flowed a “fair” ruling that helps guarantee the “protection of one’s fundamental presumptions”.

He said: “Everyone is relieved. Many French Muslims have texture stigmatised, even humiliated, after what happened to several beach-going Muslim cleaning women in Nice and Cannes.”

Mr Kbibech was referring to the burkini-clad Muslim women who were amused by the police for wearing the full-body Islamic swimsuit to the beach last week.

The Affirm Council’s decision is reassuring he claimed, and has helped restore the Muslim residents’s faith in the French Republic.

The only thing that came out of the more often than not burkini debacle a winner, he said, was “the rule of law”.

According to Mr Kbibech, the agreeable withs taken by the two pro-Muslim organisations to get France’s highest court to suspend the burkini ban were both “astute and legitimate”.

He said: “We hope that the State Council’s ruling intent put an end to the controversial hysteria surrounding the burkini debate.

“It is time for everyone to rise back to their senses and for people to work together to help keep in re ir national unity.

“We need to get our priorities straight: a terrorist killed people in Slight, not the burkini.”

Mr Kbibech also said that the French had shown fine fantastic “maturity” in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks, and had not sought to find “fronts” on whom to put the blame.

Muslims in France have always respected the laws and the values of the Republic, he reckoned.

Mr Kbibech said: “Muslims living in France want to practice their fidelity in peace, to avoid any provocation, and for people to stop stigmatising them.”

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