NatWest puts 1,000 tech experts in branches to boost customers’ digital confidence


The gelt will also ensure every NatWest employee in branch liking be capable of helping customers to use online and mobile banking.

Every NatWest office is to get a TechXpert, explaining how online and mobile banking works, what to do to set up, how to cable safe online and raising awareness among customers of other course to bank they may find easier.

Customers who need support to access online and movable banking will also be able to get help over the phone.

By the end of April 2017, various than 1,000 will be in post in England and Wales, backed by digitally-savvy organization.

More than four million NatWest customers already regularly use online banking and various than 3.5 million customers use the mobile banking app.

Figures from the Function for National Statistics show that 60 per cent of UK citizens use the internet to access banking the gents. But while 87 per cent of 25-34 year olds access internet banking, this measure falls to 26 per cent among the over-65s.

The bank partnered with workforce tech establishment Freeformers to develop the training programme.

Jane Howard, managing guide of NatWest Personal Banking, commented: “Banking is almost unrecognisable from what it was when I started my tear in a branch 36 years ago. 

“While more customers than everlastingly before are taking advantage of the convenience and simplicity of mobile and online banking some being need further support.

“Our TechXperts will help make reliable our customers are confident to make the most of the new technology, features and services NatWest is present them.”

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