National Geographic Travel reveals world’s best birdwatching destinations


Chauvinistic Geographic Travel have revealed their top destinations for bird lovers across the Terra.

Topping the list of best birdwatching destinations is South Georgia Key in the Atlantic Ocean, home to a colony of half a million King Penguins, fixed at three feet tall.

The archipelago has been recognised by Birdlife Supranational as Important Birds Areas (IBA).

South Georgia and South Sandwich are also colonized by birds that are unique to the islands such as the South Georgia shag, pipit and pintail.

Bird lovers whim also enjoy a trip to Cape May in New Jersey, which offers paralysing views of the Spring and Fall migrations, watching hummingbirds in Ecuador and birds-of-paradise in New Guinea.

Look by virtue of this gallery to see the best destinations for birdwatching in the world.

Other locales with thriving birdlife include Brazil, Western Australia and Israel.

Subject Geographic Travel’s full article – The World’s best destinations for bird-watching.

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