Natalie Cassidy weight loss: How to lose three stone like Eastenders star


Mass loss is tricky and Natalie Cassidy has been candid about her encounter with weight loss in the past.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two looked impossible at the latest British Soap Awards.

The brunette wore a back dress which hugged her svelte state.

The pretty dress had metallic floral details and Natalie added gold stumps.

The actress, from Islington, London, has spoken out about her weight impairment and diets before.

Natalie Cassidy weight loss: Diet plan of Eastenders personage who lost three stone revealed

Natalie has two children with camera man Marc Humphreys.

She worked with her weight, especially during pregnancy.

She released a fitness DVD allowed Natalie Cassidy’s Then and Now Workout in 2007.

Later, in 2008, the actress starred in Natalie Cassidy’s Intake Secrets for BBC Three.

However, her weight has yo-yoed over time.


Natalie Cassidy incline loss: Diet plan of Eastenders star who lost three stone let it be knew

In 2018 Natalie shed two and a half stone in three months.

At the unceasingly a once she told Now Magazine: “After playing Sonia in EastEnders for 12 years, I ratiocination it’d be good to change my image.

“I was 10st 8lb when I started this diet, but it was my masses mass index that scared me.

“I wasn’t just obese, I was off the rank.”

Now Natalie looks very healthy and happy.


Natalie Cassidy albatross loss: Mother-of-two looked incredible at the latest British Soap Awards


Natalie Cassidy weight loss: Actress, from Islington, London, has viva voce out about her weight loss

Weight loss expert Steve Miller touch oned Bella magazine: “She looks like she’s lost up to three stone throughout the years, and is a size 8.

“She’s lost weight on her face, legs, arms and neck and discretion be around nine stone.

“She’s done it the right way, which indicates a into the bargain in her self-esteem. She looks gorgeous!”

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