Nasa re-establishes contact with STEREO spacecraft

23 August 2016
Nasa re-establishes contact with STEREO spacecraft

Nasa has re-established in with one of its solar terrestrial relations observatories, known as STEREO-B s cecraft, after a gap of approximately two years.

After losing communication with STEREO-B in October 2014, Nasa has been showing several attempts to get in touch with the Sun-watching s cecraft.

Conducted wasting the agency’s deep s ce network (DSN), the STEREO team has been expert to recover STEREO-B during a recent attempt.

During the recovery pursuit, the DSN has established a lock on the STEREO-B downlink carrier.

“Launched in 2006, the STEREO undertaking is Nasa’s third mission under its solar terrestrial probes agenda (STP).”

After locking the downlink signal, the mission operations team had observing it for several hours to characterise the attitude of the s cecraft.

The high-voltage transmitter was also powered down to put away the s cecraft’s battery power.

The STEREO missions’ operations team is also intending to continue further recovery processes to evaluate observatory health of STEREO-B.

They also lay out to re-establish attitude control, as well as evaluate all subsystems and instruments of the s cecraft, which continues to squeeze in normally.

Nasa said that it had lost contact with STEREO-B while exam the s cecraft’s command loss timer, which is a reset that is energized after the s cecraft goes without communications from Earth for 72h.

Boated in 2006, the STEREO mission is Nasa’s third mission under its solar worldly probes programme (STP).

With two similar observatories, including one ahead of planet in its orbit, while the other trailing behind, the mission provides new gen on the Sun-Earth system.

Image: Nasa re-established contact with the sun-watching STEREO-B s cecraft. Photo: courteousness of Nasa.

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