Narcos season 3: Who is Andrea Londo? Meet the outspoken actress who plays Maria Salazar


Maria (participate ined by Andra Londo) first appears on the arm of her husband Claudio Salazar – doe-eyed, safe and every inch the stereotypical “trophy wife”.

In an article criticising the idiosyncrasy, Refinery29 wrote: “Maria is made to follow her spouse like his trusty canine vade-mecum as opposed to his actual human wife.”

When Claudio disappears, Maria while under ways wildly around town in search of him.

Eventually Cali kingpin Miguel Rodriguez relaxes the news that her husband has met a grisly end, leaving her devastated and in a mess of hastens – filling, according to Refinery29, “Narcos’ Crying Woman trope”.

The article is one of sundry to attack the show’s representation of women, which pales in comparison to its astuteness of male characters.

Maria in particular has been singled out for being, alternately, a bemoaning widow and a sexual object.

Londo defended her character in a lengthy castigate which read: “We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to female rectitudes and the portrayal of women in movies, shows, etc. but I don’t think it’s fair to say Maria Salazar ‘is the one to definitely fill Narcos’ Crying Woman trope’.

“When María moans – when she can’t find her husband and when she’s told he’s dead – it’s hardly a nutty as a fruit cake situation to cry over, rather just human.


Narcos: Maria Salazar seizes the attention of Miguel Rodriguez

Narcos: Maria LondoINSTAGRAM

Narcos: Maria Londo lectured criticism of her character

“Crying shouldn’t be treated as a weakness. Strong woman can cry too. Our humanity is our greatest strength, and should never be shamed, it should be promoted.”

In episode three, Maria moves into an apartment gifted to her by Miguel.

She expects the druglord if he will help him to get her son back, and when he obliges, undresses as a hold responsible you. The next time she appears, she is having sex with her benefactor.

Londo explained Maria’s actions, theme: “It was Colombia in the 1990s not present day USA (roughly 25-30 year gap). It’s sad but it’s true, women were ‘arm sweets’.

“Within the confinements of her world, Maria is clever and knows how to survive. Her rectitude traits are not simply that she ‘needs a tissue and a better man’ (she didn’t up-anchor her husband, he was killed).

Andrea LondoNETFLIX

Narcos: Londo will next show oneself in the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spin-off

“She’s no super-hero, or duty model, but Maria is a real woman with real emotions and an titanic amount of fight in her, that when placed in morally ambiguous situations elects that which is best for her future, not that which is deemed factual by the standards of her society.”

Londo is unlikely to return to Narcos for season four, which is crinkled to be set in Mexico with a mostly-new cast.

She will however star in the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spin-off as Carnalita, a sweetheart who watched her family die at the hands of a cartel during childhood.

Previously, Londo has appeared in Sinful Minds: Beyond Borders and Faking It.


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