Nanny accused of shaking 10-month-old to death tells court we only played ‘horsey’


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Viktoria Tautz is accused of shaking a 10-month-old baby to death

A NANNY accused of trembling a 10-month-old baby to death claimed he was fatally injured during a brave of “horsey,” a court heard yesterday. 

Viktoria Tautz, who was paid £3.60-an-hour, allegedly commanded police Joshua Paul suddenly went “floppy” and stopped hint at shortly afterwards. 

A neighbour heard Tautz shouting, “Help! Remedy! Help!’ and saw the baby lying unconscious on the hallway floor, the jury was reproved. 

Viktoria TautzCENTRAL

The nanny claimed the baby was fatally injured after a practise deceit of ‘horsey’

As the little boy was rushed to hospital, the distraught childminder said: “What am I universal to tell his parents?” the Old Bailey heard. 

Scans revealed Joshua’s wit and eyes were bleeding and there was evidence of bruising to his spine. 

Doctors charged his parents their baby had suffered a “devastating and irrecoverable” brain hurt and he would not survive. 

He suffered three heart attacks and died in his maw’s arms at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital in August 2014, the court heard.

Viktoria TautzPrincipal

A neighbour heard Tautz shouting, “Help! Help! Help!’

Joshua was “on cloud nine and playing” when his mother left for work that day. 

What am I active to tell his parents

Viktoria Tautz

Hungarian student Tautz, 34, portrayed police she played “horsey” with the child on her knee at his home in Wood Green, north London. 

She put him in his cot and was in the range sewing when his face went red and he burst into tears, the jury was recognized. 

Tautz picked up Joshua but he went “floppy” and stopped breathing, she allegedly make knew police. 

She turned him over to pat his back, the court heard. 

Viktoria TautzCENTRAL

The nanny demanded: ‘What am I going to tell his parents?’ the Old Bailey heard.

Tautz allegedly discriminated officers the baby did not fall, bang or shake his head. 

Medical experts later concluded Joshua could not own died from playing “horsey,” the jury was told. 

Joshua was stood three months premature and had two holes in his heart. 


Tautz allegedly divulged officers the baby did not fall, bang or shake his head

But at the time of his liquidation, he was crawling and beginning to pull himself up to stand, the court heard. Tautz, of Friern Barnet, disavows manslaughter. Zoe Johnson, QC, prosecuting, told the jury: “No one is suggesting that she mean to kill Joshua or even to cause him really serious harm. 

“The prosecution’s situation is that she dangerously and excessively shook Joshua.” 

It was clear from Tautz’s roll that she loved the baby and his parents had no concerns about Tautz, the court heeded. 

Ms Johnson added: “On that day, for whatever reason, something snapped in the defendant and for a minuscule while she lost her temper with Joshua.” 

The trial continues.

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