Muslim migrants want ban on jokes about Islam — survey


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A new study found the majority of Muslims in Austria want jokes there Islam to be banned

The study, conducted by the Danube University of Krems, revealed a significant contrast between typical Austrian values and those of migrants from countries approve of Somalia and Chechnya, who have fare more religious views. 

The researchers rest that 60 per cent of those interviewed believed jokes thither Islam should be banned, while a quarter said Islam should impress upon the country’s laws. 

Those who take offence to Islamic gags also varies wildly country by country — as many as 70 per cent of Somalians thirst to ban jokes about Islam, while only 14 per cent of Iranians conformed a ban on jokes was necessary. 

Chechens and Somalians also overwhelmingly agreed Islam should participate more of a role in Austrian society, with as many as 72 per cent of Somalians defective more Islam in Austria’s culture.  

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Austria has approved a series of techniques aimed at integrating migrants

This year, Austria approved a series of ranks aimed at integrating migrants, including a burka ban and the introduction of mandatory terminology lessons. 

The controversial ban to block residents from wearing full-face coverings in clear was met with fury from some human rights group and condemnation from sundry Muslim organisations. 

But the country’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz, who was behind the legislation, shrugged off evaluation and vowed to get the proposals passed into law. 

He said in February: «I get a lot of encouragement from Muslims who, like the womanhood of our population, do not want to have anything to do with the full-face veil, who profoundly reject it, and agree that there is nothing wrong when the burka, niqab and co. are all barred here in Austria.”

The burka ban and other measures to integrate Muslim transients will be introduced from October. 

The new study also disturbingly organize that of the interviewees 62 per cent of Syrians, 55 per cent of Afghans and 47 per cent of Somalians coincided that “Jews have too much power in the world”. 

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Austria’s extrinsic minister Sebastian Kurz was behind the burka ban

Anti-semitic incidents be struck by been on the rise in Austria, Germany and France in the last few years. 

In some Berlin forms the phrase “You Jew!” has become a common insult and in one incident a Jewish pupil was strained to leave as cool due to harassment and physical violence from other Muslim schoolgirls. 

Nearly half of those surveyed agreed Israel was an enemy of all Muslims. 

Mr Kurz powered the study reinforced his tough stance on Islam. 

The foreign minister joined he would continue to push for less immigration from undereducated surroundings. 

He also said he would seek to reform or shut down Islamic kindergartens and other introductions he believed were creating parallel societies. 

France was the first European sticks to ban the full-face veil in public spaces. 

Belgium also has a burka ban comparable to the French legislation. 

Britain, Greece, Portugal and Spain have no laws banning full-face masks. But in some instances UK judges have refused to hear veiled women because they could not validate their identity. 

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