Munich in 'state of emergency' as police hunt gunmen


The anti-terror peculiar unit of the police have been sent to the city while home-owners are being urged to stay home and avoid public places.

Cavalcade stations have been evacuated and bus, train, and tram lines accept been stopped for the day.

Five people have died and around 20 to be subjected to been injured in an ongoing coordinated attack on the city.

A young progeny is feared to have been shot in the chest in the ram ge shooting, which started outside a McDonalds restaurant.

There are now reports of other shootings in a disreputable square and at a metro station in the city – although these have not been corroborated.

Police warned: “The suspects are still on the run. Please avoid public billets.”

One of the gunmen is believed to have committed suicide.

More to follow…

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