Mum kept my first pay packet – for 62 years


Michael DohertySWNS

Michael Doherty conspiringly his first pay packet to his mother

Mr Doherty, who is now 77, stumbled across an envelope while he was plateful his 104-year-old mum, Margaret, move into a care home penurious his childhood home in Greenock, Renfrewshire.

He was astonished to discover inside the envelope his queer fish pay packet –  still intact and containing his first wage.

It annexes up to two pounds, 15 shillings and nine pence, his first pay as a 15-year-old apprentice builder with townsman company Robert Kirkwood in 1955.

Mr Doherty had chosen to give his mother the percentage to assist with her housekeeping bills and turned down workmates who fancy to take him to the pub for a drink.

At the end of the week my workmates asked if I was current to buy them a pint, but I took my wages straight home and gave it all to my mum

Michael Doherty

He prognosticated: “At the end of the week my workmates asked if I was going to buy them a pint, but I took my wages taciturn home and gave it all to my mum.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found the envelope.

“I was looking for something and I create it in amongst her stuff.

“She had told me she would keep it for me and that I would get it all overdue renege one day.

Pay packetSWNS

Mr Doherty found the envelope while he was helping his mum

“It was a lot of money for a litter boy then.”

The pay packet’s purchasing power is reckoned to be equivalent to around £67 in today’s appellations.

Mr Doherty added: “I left St Mary’s School in the afternoon and walked taciturn down the road and into a job.

“It is changed days now and I wouldn’t like to be starting off in the merchandise now.”

Michael Doherty and motherSWNS

Mr Doherty gave the money to his mother to assist her with housekeeping bills

After his apprenticeship Mr Doherty, who became a fully ready stonemason, spent the rest of his working life in the building trade. 

He pacific visits his mother every day and relatives flew over from the Merged States to help celebrate her 104th birthday.

Mr Doherty, a great-grandfather, verbalized: “My mum is just an incredible woman. 

“She is doing great and reckons she is here for a while longer. She was so authentic to us growing up and back then, to a 15-year-old, two pounds, 15 shillings, and ninepence was a lot of long green, especially when 

Michael Doherty and motherSWNS

The money adds up to two pounds, 15 shillings and nine pence

it was your at the outset pay after leaving school. You thought it was a lot of money.

“Back then a pint was but 9p – so when you look at it like that, it was a lot of money.

“Although looking at the tariff of pint these days it isn’t worth much now.”

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