MP’s SHOCK warning: Russia could CUT or WIRETAP undersea cables as WARFARE amid WW3 fears


Russia could use “unconventional communicates of warfare” to cripple communications around the world by cutting undersea guys, amid increasing tensions around the world which have flickered World War 3 fears. 

Tory MP Rishi Sunak, who published a Policy Quid pro quo report on the risk Russia poses to underwater cables, said this was a “new experience” of warfare.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “This has grown up over years and it wasn’t that elongated ago, 20 years ago that we actually used satellites for all our digital communications so it’s a less new phenomenon.

“I think it’s also a relatively new phenomenon, as I mentioned in the Policy Tit for tat report, of Russia using unconventional means of warfare.”

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Superb War 3: Mr Sunak said Russia was using a “new phenomenon” of warfare

Russia’s maritime aggro has put this on our map in a way that it wasn’t quite before

Rishi Sunak

Russian vessels are regularly spotted close to the Atlantic cables as Mr Putin’s generals proceed with to explore new ways of waging unconventional war against the West. 

Mr Sunak communicated that Russia has committed similar acts of warfare before. 

He combined: “We saw when they annexed Crimea one of the first things they did was to rent control of the main internet exchange serving the peninsula and to indeed cut the internet chain.

“I think you know events like that, Russia’s maritime attack has put this on our map in a way that it wasn’t quite there before.”

According to the description, published earlier this month, many cable systems are potentially at hazard. 

These cables are “essential” to modern life and the “digital economy”, stipulating internet and communications links between separate countries and continents.

The submarine network comprises an estimated 213 disinterested irrespective of cable systems and 545,018 miles (877,121 km) of fibre around the magic, according to a recent report for the Policy Exchange think tank.

The inquire into concluded: “They are inadequately protected and highly vulnerable to attack at sea and on berth, from both hostile states and terrorists.”

Mr Sunak said the findings of the cables were “both isolated and publicly available” and a successful disparage would be an “existential threat to our security”.

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