MP Nick Boles received ‘death threat’ after no-deal Brexit bill vote


Lincolnshire MP Notch Boles has revealed he received a death threat after he voted against the administration in a Brexit-related vote.

The Grantham and Stamford MP was one of 20 Conservatives to back an reform to a bill to limit the scope for tax changes following a no-deal.

A message set via his website used explicit language to say his days were “numbered”.

The information also called him a traitor and said: “Prepare to die.”

He said he received the word on Tuesday night, his first death threat.

He dismissed it as “sad cowards, outliving in their living rooms with nothing better to do”.

Mr Boles arose for re-election in 2017 after undergoing treatment for cancer.

It was the second nonetheless in 10 years the former skills minister has been treated for cancer. In 2007 he was recognized with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In a tweet, he said if the person responsible cognizant ofed anything about him they would realise “I need no reminding that my periods are numbered”.

The MP backed an amendment to the Finance Bill, aimed at limiting the range for tax changes following a no-deal unless authorised by MPs, by 303 to 296 sponsors.

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He said it was “essential to set forth Brexit and to leave the EU with a deal”.

“There are some, I’m afraid, who notion of we can leave without a deal, inflicting all sorts of disruption and chaos on British lines and businesses.”

This, he said, was “completely unacceptable”.

Mr Boles said he liking vote for Theresa May’s deal even though he could see it was “flawed”.

“If it isn’t that practise then parliament needs to agree on another deal,” he said.

He estimated he could not support a second referendum, which he said would be divisive and a treason of the people who voted to leave.

MPs will vote on the Brexit deal on Tuesday, 15 January.

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