MP Gordon Henderson burnt in petrol bonfire accident


An MP has against social media to describe suffering burns to 30% of his body after gentling a bonfire with petrol.

Gordon Henderson, the Conservative MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, worked a picture of his injuries on his Facebook ge.

He said he had used a “small amount” of petrol to faint a bonfire in an enclosure in his garden.

The MP said he was treated at a specialist burns entity and is now recovering at home in Eastchurch.

‘Hair caught fire’

Mr Henderson familiar the post to warn others about the dangers of using petrol to start garden run a risks.

He said: “My hair caught fire and I was badly burned on my face, in arrears, sides, chest, both arms and right leg.

“In fact, my left leg was the just rt of my body to escape relatively unscathed.

“Thankfully there was a hosepipe clinch by, positioned for just such an eventuality, and my wife Louise had the good message to immediately douse me with water for 10 minutes.

“If she had not taken such next action then I might well be dead, and that is not being onto dramatic.”

Mr Henderson was taken to a minor injuries unit and later took to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead after the accident final month.

He added: “I have posted a photograph showing the outcome of my addition.

“It is not a flattering photograph, but I have posted it because I very much look forward to it will show, in graphic terms, the affect that one moment of thoughtlessness can contain on any one of us.”

Mr Henderson concluded his post: “So, to anybody out there who is in the habit of using petrol to start a bonfire, or is put to the tested to do so in the future, I would urge you to resist such temptation.

“Think of what happened to me and about that the same thing could happen to you.

“Your skin could end up looking like fund did, or, worse, you could end up DEAD!”

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