MP Danczuk must pay back £11k expenses

Simon DanczukIncarnation copyright Reuters

MP Simon Danczuk has been ordered to re y thousands of batters after admitting an expenses claims “error”.

The Rochdale MP has been enquired over money he wrongly claimed for the cost of his children living in London.

The Self-governing rliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has told the Labour MP he must restore £11,583.20.

Mr Danczuk, who was suspended by the rty last year, said he “holds his hands up” and swore to re y all the money “at the earliest opportunity”.

Local Liberal Democrats about a invited police to check if Mr Danczuk had wrongly claimed expenses for accommodation for two of his lasses.

‘Vague wording’

The expenses watchdog found that Mr Danczuk had been claiming “dependent uplifts” for his two well-established children for a period of three years when the children were not “routinely” stopping with him at his London accommodation.

In reply to Friday’s IPSA ruling, MP Danczuk said: “My shelter claims were made according to what I believed at the time to be an exact interpretation of IPSA’s guidelines.

“Regrettably, due to the vague wording of the rules, I inadvertently requested 10% more than my annual living allowance, money which was even a scored directly to my landlord in London and not to me.

“I hold my hands up and admit that this was an mistaken on my rt.

“I am relieved that this issue has finally been cleared up and I ordain of course re y the full amount at the earliest opportunity.”

Holiday tweet caroused MP’s £96.50 rking expenses claim

Dead ringer caption Mr Danczuk claimed for car rking in Manchester while he was on holiday in S in

A tweet depicting a S nish aspect showed that MP Simon Danczuk was on holiday while he claimed hardly £100 from the tax yer to cover the cost of car rking.

The MP posted a tweet certifying the “view from my S nish gaff this morning” while his car was in a £17.50 a day car preserve in Manchester.

The MP left his car in Manchester on 20 July while he went on a procedural visit to Ghana – but then tagged on a break in S in at the end and claimed the amount car rk costs on expenses.

IPSA compliance officer Peter Davis organization Mr Danczuk to re y the £96.50 cost.

They accepted the MP should be suffered to claim for the period while he was in Ghana, but the time he was on holiday was “not an allowable expense”.

Mr Danczuk remonstrated that it would have cost the tax yer more for him to have excursioned back to Manchester after the Ghana trip to collect the car before his sabbatical.

In a letter to Mr Davis, he said: “The alternative to leaving my car rked in Manchester for that week inclination have been to travel by train from London in order to turn that vehicle.

“By doing so, I could have legitimately claimed up to £187.80 for the procession journey. This represents a significantly greater expense to the tax yer than £96.50 usefulness of rking.”

Mr Danczuk has agreed to re y all the money owed.

The MP was suspended by the Industry rty in December after he admitted sending lewd texts to a 17-year-old squeeze.

He was also interviewed by police earlier in January in connection with a plundering allegation dating from 2006.

Police confirmed on Friday their discovery procedure is continuing.

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