MP brings baby to Commons debate


An MP has cradled her tot on the House of Commons benches for what is thought to be the first time during a consideration.

Lib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson appeared in the chamber with Gabriel to harken to to the closing remarks of a discussion about proxy voting.

Proxy bear witness could allow MPs on maternity and paternity leave to nominate a colleague to pitch their vote in their absence.

Ms Swinson gave birth to Gabriel — her flawed child — on 29 June.

MPs have often been seen in the Means chamber with their children during votes, but not during quick debates.

Labour’s Harriet Harman, the Mother of the House as the longest-serving female MP, massaged Gabriel’s head after sitting next to Ms Swinson.

Speaker John Bercow also rationed a word with the mother and baby as they left.

Ms Swinson, the MP for East Dunbartonshire, earlier warned the ruminate over was «too little, too late» and went on to reference the debacle around her failed pairing with Tory chairman Brandon Lewis on key Brexit legislation.

She responded: «This House first resolved that members with small-scale babies should be able to vote by proxy seven months ago — since then Gabriel, Elijah and Solomon possess been born and two more Commons babies are on the way.

«A cynic might conclude that because all five charged and new mum MPs are on the opposition benches the government is trying to kick this issue into the hunger grass.

«And after what happened to me in July I think I might be accomplished to be forgiven for being cynical about the government’s motivations.»

‘Profound swop’

Opening the debate, Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said factor voting would be a «significant change» as it would allow MPs «for possibly for the fundamental time ever» to vote while not being present in parliament.

She bruit about: «Proxy voting will be a profound change to the procedures of this Harbour and so we must get it right to ensure robust voting practice for generations to fall.

«If we take this significant step now then, in my view, we will deceive a fairer, more inclusive parliament for future generations.»

Mrs Leadsom bruit about issues to be considered include whether proxy voting will simply be limited to new parents, the types of Commons business it is allowed to be used for, and who should drive crazy such a vote on behalf of an MP.

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