MP apology for failing to declare income

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Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox has publicly apologised after failing to affirm to the Commons more than £400,000 in earnings.

The Commons Standards Board found the MP had committed a “serious” breach of rliamentary rules.

Mr Cox said he had not in view to hide the yments for legal work, but had instead missed the deadline to state.

The Torridge and West Devon MP also stepped down from the Pedestals Committee.

Mr Cox received 11 yments totalling more than £400,000 between January and August remain year, but he did not declare them until the end of September – breaching the 28-day deadline.

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He blamed the ill-health retirement of the head clerk at his chambers for the “oversight”.

He neglected to notice the problem earlier because he had spent the summer recess get going “an entirely new international law chambers based in Mauritius and Dubai”, he revealed.

The Commons Standards Committee report said it accepted Mr Cox had no intention to go into hiding the yments.

“Nevertheless, as the commissioner notes, the number of yments and the sums active in the late registration are significant – and Mr Cox was in a position which should have confirmed that he was more familiar with the rules and the relevant principles of community life in this area than other Members might be,” it mean.

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