Motorola could be developing a self-repairing phone screen


A control filed by the company reveals a mobile with thermal elements embedded into the cover, which would heat it up and fill any cracks if it became damaged.

Motorola could be developing a self-repairing phone screenTech ensemble Motorola has filed a patent for a phone that includes a self-repair reception if the screen breaks.

The patent – which was filed in February 2016 and approved this month by the US Apparent & Trademark Office – details an electronic device with a “fascia” – or divide – made from a “shape memory polymer”.

The self-repair function would beget by integrating various thermal elements within the phone screen.

If the room divider was broken, the thermal elements would be able to heat up the cracks or roughs in the phone in order to reshape and repair its surface.

“More robust”

If the self-repair affair was to be developed, it could eliminate the need for costly screen repairs or phone replacements, according to the evident.

“One drawback to touch-sensitive displays is that they can be damaged,” it reads. “Revenge oneself on the most robust materials, like thermally tempered glass, can suffer deformation if the design is dropped.”

“Once the display is damaged, the electronic device is often considered by the operator to be unusable due to the fact that the primary user input has become compromised. It wish be advantageous to have a more robust electronic device,” the patent adds.

Motorola has not upheld whether it plans to produce the phone in the future.

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