Most delayed flight REVEALED — avoid this airline to escape huge delays this summer


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The worst airline and airport for keeps has been revealed

Delayed flights are to be expected this summer, with diverse holiday travellers suffering from long queues and failed computer organized wholes at the airport.

With strikes happening in Spain also to affect any summer vacations, it isn’t a great time to be heading abroad.

For any families wanting to avoid a wait as much as possible, new research has found the worst culprits when it obtains to flying late.

It has also found the worst airport, so avoiding both can spare holidaymakers hours when it comes to being stuck at an airport.

The BBC Data Unit analysed figures from the Polished Aviation Authority regarding flights at UK airports.

EasyJet was found to be the worst airline for suspends, as travellers were 24 minutes late on average.

Thomas Cook and British Airways were shut up shop behind, with delays of 19 minutes and 18 minutes each to each.

Those flying with Aer Lingus can rejoice as they are the best for fleeing on schedule with an average delay time of just 12 transcribes.

An easyJet spokesperson told the BBC: “Despite a number of adverse external elements like increasingly congested airspace, particularly in the London area, and track record numbers of air traffic control strikes, over the last year, easyJet has in actuality reduced the proportion of flights delayed by more than three hours.

«We do callisthenics hard to minimise disruption and fully comply with all relevant dictates.»

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easyJet has been revealed as the worst airline for departure delays

Repeated strike action by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian air See trade controllers and airport employees, prolonged bad weather, and heavily congested airspace

The pronouncements also included the best and worst airports around the UK for delays.

Possibly unsurprisingly, Gatwick Airport was the worst for delayed holidays coming in at 27 infinitesimals on average.

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport also suggested that their aged volume of flights is part of the reason for being top of the list.

They recognized the BBC: ”We operate the world’s busiest and most efficient single runway airport but, settled recent years, Gatwick has been disproportionately affected by issues beyond our put down.

«These include repeated strike action by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian air freight controllers and airport employees, prolonged bad weather, and heavily congested airspace in the sky parts of Europe and London.”

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Gatwick Airport was also revealed as the worst for aircraft delays in the UK

For passengers who experience any delays to their flights, they can silence claim compensation.

Any flight delayed for over three hours can allege the minimum amount of money back, with some compensation being as much as £520.

If a desert is cancelled altogether, then the full flight cost is refunded, or a replacement light out must be found.

Compensation is only available if the reason is the airline’s fuss, such as a technical error, and not out of their control such as weather or governmental issues.

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