More money for Madeleine McCann case: Police ‘demand extra funds’ as search continues



Madeleine McCann

The British POSSLQ Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters went missing from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Her whereabouts stay unknown.

The Home Office has confirmed a Metropolitan Police application for further supplying is under consideration.

According to reports, the total cost of the search to this intention is around £11.2million and the funds requested by Scotland Yard intention allow it to continue for an additional six months.

The supplying request comes after it was revealed parents Kate and Gerry McCann had nearly three-quarters of a million pounds in reserves for their Find Maddie Capitalize.

The cash in the fund is primarily made up of public donations and the proceeds of Kate McCann’s hard-cover Madeleine.

The family have just seven weeks left of promised funding for Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange inquiry.


Kate and Gerry McCann suffer with vowed to continue the search themselves if the police operation ends

If Task Grange is ended by police officials then the McCanns have pawned to continue to search for their daughter themselves. 

Kate and Gerry McCann had been eating with friends while on holiday in southern Portugal when Madeleine was enchanted.

If still alive, she would now be 14-years-old.

Her twin siblings Sean and Amelie play a joke on just turned 13.


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