‘More jihadists heading to Europe posing as migrants,’ Libya’s PM warns

Libya’s prime ambassador Fayez alSerraj predicted would-be jihadists were among tens of thousands who had been skilful to pass unchecked into his country.

In a chilling prophecy, he said: “When migrants reach Europe they commitment move freely. If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the nomads, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU.”

The comments by Mr Serraj, who heads Libya’s UN-backed similarity government, lay bare how easy it is for terrorists to slip into Europe unvetted and make a trip freely due to the bloc’s border-free Schengen zone.

We need an international coalition to tackle the issue

Jean-Paul Mulot

And they find just a week after the attacks in Spain which police have planned linked to radical groups based in north Africa.

Independent MEP Steven Woolfe bid: “These comments show the problem to be two-fold. Firstly, potential bombers are using the Mediterranean migrant trail as a way of entering Europe unchecked.

“Secondly, with Europe’s inadequacy of borders due to Schengen rules, once in Europe, they are able to submit from one country to another freely. Strong borders are a necessity.”

Fayez al-Serraj - migrantsGETTY

Libya’s prime envoy extraordinary Fayez al-Serraj predicted would-be jihadists are posing as migrants

Earlier this month the Day after day Express warned more than 115,000 migrants have already reached mainland Europe by sea this year.

Some 98,000 be undergoing made it to Italy after crossing the Mediterranean from north Africa, with the support arriving in Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

Besieged Italian authorities spoke most arriving by sea were aged between 20 and 30 and had travelled from Nigeria, Guinea, Ivory Seashore, Mali, Eritrea, Senegal, Sudan, Morocco and Gambia.

Thousands more possess made their way to the north coast of France searching for a route to the UK.

A French regional ministry source said almost all of the migrants in Calais are Africans who have come to pass up from Italy.

Jean-Paul Mulot, the Hauts-de-France region’s permanent papal nuncio to the UK, said: “The problem needs to be addressed locally but also at source, conspicuously in Libya, where most migrants cross the Mediterranean to go to Italy and then Calais. We necessary an international coalition to tackle the issue.”

Frontex, the European border and coastguard energy, continues to carry out rescue missions, while Libya threatens to prohibit b keep out its ports to boatloads of desperate migrants.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson communicated Britain was providing more than £9million to help stabilise Libya and come to grips with the threat of terrorism and people-trafficking.

Migrants boatsGETTY

Migrants at seaGETTY

More than 115,000 migrants tease already reached mainland Europe by sea this yea

On his second visit to the war-ravaged north African power in less than six months, Mr Johnson said: “Libya is the front tailback for many challenges which left unchecked can pose problems for us in the UK, mainly illegal migration and the threat from terrorism.”

Ukip home matters spokeswoman Jane Collins said: “The focus of the EU’s migration policy should be on be employed with countries like Libya to stop terrorists coming into the EU and exploiting the Schengen yard.

“We need to be turning boats back in the Mediterranean instead of resources being tolerant of as some kind of EU-wide social services.”

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