Moonpig rebrands and ditches “gimmicky” pig mascot


The condolence card and gift retailer’s new identity has been designed in-house, and nods to its recital with design features such as a pink colour palette and “snout” app icon.

Online car-card and gift retailer Moonpig has rebranded, swapping out its cartoon pig mascot for a simpler, typographic look.

Think of by Moonpig’s in-house design team in collaboration with consultants Cat Totty and Ian Tags, the identity is centred on the theme of “escape to life on the moon”.

The retailer has ditched .com from its style and the pig mascot as the “face of the brand”, both of which have been join in of the identity since it was founded in 2000.

A new logo features a bespoke, sans-serif typeface excused Moonpig Lift-off, incorporating “zero-gravity” letters as a nod to the company’s name.

“Snout” icon

Pink has been determined as the main brand colour, and a new “snout” app icon introduced in reference to the label’s “piggy heritage”, says Moonpig.

It has also released a “hogumentary” video on its collective media platforms, which tells the story of the pig mascot now that he has “become public back down to earth”.

The new identity has been launched to reflect the factually that Moonpig’s business has evolved from only selling plans to include a range of gift and flower options for different occasions, according to inventive director James Turner.

“We needed to lose the gimmicky-ness, embrace austereness and add a personal touch consistently across the brand, all the while keeping our solitary blend of cheeky humour,” says Turner.

The new identity has now rolled out across all carnal and digital touchpoints.

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