Money worries begin at forty: Almost half of Brits regret not saving more cash


During the interval, 42 per cent regret not putting away more money, 43 per cent quake at their pension will be too small and 30 per cent worry encircling supporting their children, according to a new report.

The average amount that 40 to 49-year-olds authority in savings is £8,665 and the average credit card debt is £1,626.

Just 13 per cent of those won had id off their mortgage.

And money worries may be taking their strike on health: 47 per cent said they had suffered stress and nervousness, and 41 per cent had endured sleep-related issues, according to the study by Nationwide Economies.

Andrew Baddeley- Chappell, from the firm, said: “At a time when we could be thought in our prime, our research suggests that some Brits are finding their 40s completely tough.

“Their message to the younger generations would be to spend diverse time looking after your finances and your fitness – circumvent that squeezed middle in both senses.”

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