Money was enough! German MEP says EU asked TOO MUCH from Britain in Brexit talks


The ci-devant head of the Federation of German Industries said the EU’s extortionate monetary sought afters should have been enough bloc to deem Britain to take made “sufficient progress” on Phase One of divorce talks.

Instead, Brussels desire only let Theresa May and her negotiators move onto Phase Two if they also reached an bargain on EU citizens’ rights and the Irish border.

Speaking to, Mr Henkel divulged Britain’s financial offer should have been deemed adequate by Brussels to progress talks onto trade.

The German MEP also have doubted the logic behind the EU’s demand to reach an agreement on the Irish border without transact once being mentioned.

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Brexit news: Hans-Olaf Henkel articulates Michel Barnier should asked too much of Britain in negotiations

It is consummately illogical what is happening

Hans-Olaf Henkel

He said the EU should force “given up their conditions” as soon as Britain made a suitable pecuniary offer to the bloc.

Mr Henkel added any further demands over the Irish resemble closely should be “dropped immediately” until trade negotiations get underway.

“A dissolution for the border on the island of Ireland should be put in place before trade talks are starting, this educate should now be dropped immediately,” he said.

Mr Henkel has previously targeted the European Commission’s chief agent Michel Barnier for his “illogical” and purposefully disruptive stance toward Brexit.

The French intercessor was trying to trick Britain and putting Brexit Secretary David Davis in an unfair accomplishing position, according to Mr Henkel.

The German compared the current back-and-forth upward of an exit fee with a shopping trip.

He said: “If I go to a shop and I am told to big cheese a price. I don’t know this without knowing what type of a by-product I’ll buy. Barnier expects that. 

“He wants Britain to name a price without conspiratorial what they are getting.”

The issue of the Irish border, he said, could also not be fully concluded until the other stage of talks. 

Mr Henkel added: “It is totally illogical what is event. Barnier requests from the British Government a solution for the border in Ireland but is refusing to start examinations on trade. 

“There is not a single border arrangement in the world which has by any chance been done without basic understanding of what customs apportion you will have.

“Barnier used this to trick and put Britain in this furniture and Britain is now faced with ‘give us your agreement and then we’ll debate trade’. It is impossible.”

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