Money, Money, Money: Bookings in Stockholm up 200 PER CENT thanks to Eurovision


The Eurovision performance contest is an event that’s been taking the world by storm for years.

And new inspection shows its popularity shows no sign of abating.

Excitingly, Stockholm is set to be the master city of the 2016 Eurovision contest.

Tri dvisor have released some imaginative stats that show there has been a 200 percent peg in vacation rentals enquiries in Stockholm during Eurovision’s 2016 boys.

The song competition – aired across Europe – is one of the longest running small screen shows in the world.

It was first beamed over our TV screens way back in 1956 and has shown some far-out (and some better forgotten songs) over the years.

2016 is set to be a really in fashion year as it’s going to be held in Stockholm, which is home to none other than ABBA, victors of Eurovision in 1974.

And with bookings enquires up by 200 per cent, it’s easy to see how popular this at any rate is going to be.

Stockholm is one of the most wonderful European cities to visit.

It has so much contemporary for it from historic cobble stone streets to ancient laces.

There’s prodigality of Scandinavian style cked onto its 14 islands in the form of cafes, restaurants and shops.

The haul museum and the photography museum are two of the best to explore.

Transport around Stockholm is also wonderful easy, be it by boat, foot or in its art filled metro.

Eurovision rehearsals are already enchanting place in Globe Arena and Stockholm is getting set to rty.

The dates this year for the Eurovision Melody Contest are May 8th to 15th.

Eurovision 2016 is set to be a winner.

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