Moncton company launches app to help you save money


A Moncton-based tech startup has dispatched a new app it hopes will help people manage their spending attitudes.

Quber was a finalist in the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation competition last year, and eventually week it was made available to download free on Android and Apple strategies.

Co-founder Jen Leger says based on your spending habits, you can set summonses for yourself and get notifications throughout the month to keep you motivated.

‘A lot of people are red-hot paycheck to paycheck … So we wanted to see how we could solve that obstreperous.’ — Jen Leger

“A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s quite a big problem in Canada and globally.  So we desire to see how we could solve that problem,” Leger told CBC’s Information Morning Moncton.

“You go and buy your coffee but you don’t get how much it adds up to every month. So when you see that accumulated sum total, and even see every day, ‘OK I’ve spent this much, maybe I should cut recoil from here because you’re reminded of the things you really want to save for.”

Leger signified because the app is connected to your bank account, it went through broad security tests to make it “bank-type” secure.

She said the company has already spawned six full-time jobs for Moncton.

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