Monarch gets 24-hour extension to save airline — but are your flights at risk?


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King flights could be at risk as the airline is given an Atol extension

Owner Airlines has been granted the extension after it’s Atol is to expire by the end of today.

Atol defence means that if a company or airline goes bust, then commuters are protected with refunds and alternative travel, with all British travelling firms required to hold one.

Without this automatic renewal for Master Airlines, it hints that there could be a risk of financial mental breakdown.

Whilst flights are yet to be affected with the website still allowing run aways to be booked, those flying with the airline in the near future may be on edge.

We can confirm that Atol refuge will remain available for eligible holiday bookings made with Owner

Civil Aviation Authority

It is the second time that the airline has been prearranged an extension by ATOL in two years, sending a worrying message to anyone due to fly with them.

The Cordial Aviation Authority has said:  «We can confirm that Atol safe keeping will remain available for eligible holiday bookings made with Master on Sunday.»

«The Atol renewal process is ongoing, and the CAA will conclude the organizing of applications from approximately 1,300 Atol holders in the next 24 hours.

«In specific circumstances this could require a temporary extension to complete this process.

«In what way, we can confirm that Atol protection will remain available for qualified holiday bookings made with Monarch on Sunday.”

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Monarch has a 24 hour extension for their Atol commission expiration

For now, the airline has stated that everything is going ahead as run-of-the-mill.

In a statement, the British airline has stated: «Our Atol licence has been time extended while we conclude discussions. Our flights are operating as normal.»

Anyway, it is feared that the airline won’t be able to cope if it does go into a fiscal crisis and that passengers will then be stranded.

According to the Metro, the Direction has reportedly allowed ten Qatar Airways planes to be kept at various municipalities in case those who have booked with Monarch are in need to send.

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Monarch has suffered as it is the second time in two years it has been granted an range

Any passengers who are still booking with the airline, are still protected by Atol, yet this not applies to package holidays, not single flight bookings.

Otherwise, Britons are spurred to book using credit cards which also offer charge if anything is to happen. 

Earlier this year, new legislation was to be brought in which order give holidaymakers more protection if a travel firm goes bust.

From 2018, it desire offer more support so Britons won’t be left stranded abroad or out of walk off.

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