Mom Praises Target For Featuring Her Son With Down Syndrome in Catalog


When Erin Statz big-hearted Target’s annual toy catalog and saw her son featured, she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by ssions. Her 2-year-old son, Ronin, was born with Down syndrome, and although one in every 691 babes is born with Down syndrome in the United States, it’s not often we see these descendants modeling in advertisements. Erin wrote a thank-you note to Target, tributing it for choosing her son for the third time, and it’s incredibly eye-opening.

«Dear Target,
When my son Ronin was harboured with Down syndrome two years ago, we were shocked and scared but also grieved. Not saddened by the fact he had Down syndrome but by how we knew society would examination him. What would his future be like?
So today, I never imagined my son inclination be featured in your advertisement three times, with the latest being in your annual Toy post! You CHOSE to feature two children with Down syndrome and one child in a wheelchair in this year’s toy enrol and it’s awesome! By featuring my son in your advertising, you are showing society that all being matter and all people should be treated like everyone else. And I can expose the world that Down syndrome isn’t scary, the possibilities are endless, and most importantly my son and our progeny are not suffering. Ronin is the blessing I never knew I needed. How did I get so lucky?
Buck ups to you Target for leading the way in this important mission. I hope many assorted com nies and most importantly people will make inclusion transpire and make it stay!»

Erin and her husband, Jakin, learned of their son’s circumstances four hours after giving birth, but remembering the doctors communicating «I’m sorry» still makes her cringe. Ronin’s rents feel he is a bonny blessing and his condition does not change that. Target recognized that Ronin is solely like any 2-year-old boy with an infectious smile and a love for life and a Fisher-Price toy.

Her legend was posted on the popular Love What Matters Facebook ge, and since it’s scrutinized up, people from all over are supporting this amazing story in the reveals. One mom even posted a photo of her daughter, also with Down syndrome, present in a Frozen costume!

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