MOD says ‘we can’t afford medals for our hero servicemen and women’


Uncountable than 350 troops from the Royal Irish Regiment, Majestic Marines and the RAF were deployed to Mali and surrounding countries to help court local forces combat the rising threat ISIS and al Qaeda. 

The new Inclusive Service Medal 08 was finally announced by David Cameron in 2015 to recognise the strains of soldiers sent to parts of the world on special operations which “tended Britain safe”. 

But only a handful have received them.

This represents a new low for the Clergymen of Defence

Col Richard Kemp

Officials at the MoD Medal office admitted that “commercial constraints and waxed financial scrutiny” meant that a second contract to make numerous of the medals has still not been agreed.

The delay sparked fury from make available soldiers, with one senior NCO calling the delay “disgusting and disrespectful”. 

David Cameron’s steadfastness to deploy the troops – criticised by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  – watched warnings by Africa minister Mark Simmonds that the West African delineate was on the verge of collapse, and risked becoming a “terrorist haven”.

British soldiers - medalsGETTY

British soldiers who broiled ISIS have still not received medals from the MoD

Last year rampart secretary Sir Michael Fallon awarded the first batch of 46 new GSMs – with some of the receivers including soldiers who served in Mali.

“We ask a great deal of our Armed Strengths and part of our commitment to them is to recognise their service,“ he said, at the bestowal ceremony. 

“These medals recognise a number of important operations, from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, and I am proud to see these servicemen and chains recognised by the nation for the work they have done to keep Britain safe. Each medal is elaborately deserved.”

Most soldiers are still waiting for their richly fitting hour, however. 

“Soldiers don’t ask much, but it seems to me utterly vile, disrespectful and disgraceful that we should have to wait so long for the award we are owed,” W02 Stevie McConnell told the newest edition of the British Army’s internal pamphlet, Soldier magazine, to be published tomorrow.

“Many will have pink the service and never have been able to enjoy the privilege of have the medal in which they are entitled to in front of their loved one-liners, as a serving soldier” 

Simon Palmer, of the MoD Medal Office, admitted that monetary constraints were hampering production.

While a “small amount” were make good for last year’s presentation, the MoD is still tendering for a firm to make multitudinous.


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Financials constraints mean brave soldiers are not include d arriving the recognition they deserve

“The Medal office is close to finishing a hurting to cover all stock, which will enable the issue of the cases currently on monopolize,“ he said. 

“While I fully accept and understand frustrations with be undergoing to wait, the commercial constraints and increased scrutiny on all spending have regrettably dallied this process.”

The silver medal features the Queen’s image on one side, Britannia detaining a lion on the other and is encircled by oak leaves. Each comes with a grab denoting the geographical regions Southern Asia, Arabian Peninsula, North, West and East Africa. 

Col Richard Kemp, latest commander of soldiers in Afghanistan, said: “This represents a new low for the Ministry of Safeguard. Medals are an important recognition of the sacrifices our troops make. Soldiers value them. 

“How much do you presume medals and clasps cost to manufacture? I’m sure the Ministry of Defence could have on the agenda c trick secured a good deal for them to be made in Mali, where our troops under way so hard to help fight Islamic extremism.”

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