Mistress who launched terror campaign against ex-lover to force him to ditch wife jailed


Yvonne GrahamSWNS

Yvonne Graham from Hornsea prospering at Hull Crown Court

Care-home entrepreneur Yvonne Graham, 45, bombarded performers boss Andrew Nelson, 55, and his wife Lorraine with anonymous belles-lettres and text messages exposing her illicit affair while it was going on. 

Graham – matched to Glenn Close’s “bunny boiler” character in the 1987 film Disastrous Attraction in which she cooked a family’s pet rabbit – put up posters falsely trade marking Mr Nelson a paedophile in an attempt to force the couple to split. 

The married nurturer of two sent chilling letters to Mr Nelson’s 52-year-old wife asking: “Where do you entertain the idea he is when you are working? He is screwing that b***,” a court was told. 

She also sent letters to Mr Nelson’s son, his 85-year-old baby, neighbours, dentist, business associates, a school and a golf club where he had been a colleague since 1974. 

Yvonne GrahamSWNS

Graham was jailed for 18 months

I examined taking my own life. We lived like hermits

Andrew Nelson

She show a second poster of her lover comparing him to a convicted sex offender before sending letters contending that he was a thief and threatening to set fire to his timber importing business and defeat him. 

Graham even sent messages telling people to “wave” at Mrs Nelson because she indulged in strike at orgies. 

The campaign left the couple unable to face neighbours and beaus and Mr Nelson contemplating suicide. 

Graham was jailed for 18 months yesterday at Case Crown Court. 

 Andrew NelsonFACEBOOK

Graham put up posters falsely branding Mr Nelson a paedophile

Recorder Simon Jackson influenced she had embarked on an appalling campaign of harassment. 

She had tried to destabilise his family so that he purpose leave his wife. 

The recorder added: “It was monstrous.” 

Richard Thompson, persisting said Graham, who is married with daughters aged 11 and 17, met grey-haired Mr Nelson in 2011. 

She directed him that she was separated from her husband and they began an affair. 


Businessman Andrew Nelson and ball Lorraine with their children

Their spouses found out the accepting year but it continued. 

Graham began sending letters to the couple’s £400,000 home base in Hornsea, East Yorkshire. 

Mr Thompson said: “The correspondence was framed as if a third debauch were following the couple. It included statements like: ‘Let’s hope your kids don’t catch sight of out,’ ‘I have not had this much fun in a long time.’ ‘He has been rotate defrauding that b*** and betraying you. I am on to them. Don’t worry’.” 

She named herself as the myself he was seeing. 

The harassment escalated with a note threatening an arson infect on his business. 

It said: “You would not want a fire to start, would you.” 


Andrew and Lorraine Nelson with their daughter Sophie and son in law

He also beared a threat to kill him and break his legs. 

The messages were taken so truly police installed a panic alarm at the Nelsons’ home in 2014. 

The following May the long arm of the law spoke to Graham but she denied being involved, claiming that she was also being aimed. 

Officers finally arrested Graham in September 2015 after hand-writing samplers provided a match. 

But Mr Nelson was twice told by Humberside Police that there was scarce evidence to prosecute. 

It was only when he put up £5,000 for a private prosecution that the administer and the Crown Prosecution Service took over the case. 

Graham, who uses 140 people as co-owner of eight care homes called Fox Glove Fancy, pleaded guilty to harassment. 

Charges of making threats to kill, arson and subverting the course of justice were left on file. 

In a victim impact expression Mr Nelson said: “I had to knock on people’s doors asking if they had received cultures. I cannot put into words how difficult that was. I contemplated taking my own spring. We lived like hermits.” 

His wife said she could not eat or sleep and was contrived to change her car after a letter was circulated saying that she was involved in set apart sex romps. 

Graham was also put under an indefinite restraining order and was portrayed to pay Mr Nelson £5,000 plus £1,500 court costs. 

The Nelsons went to comment last night.

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