Mindy Kaling Will Show You What Really Goes Down Before the Red Carpet


Sooner than a celebrity and her gown hit the red carpet, we know there’s a certain amount of “result in” that goes into the glitz and glamour. Still, it’s not a side we typically see from Hollywood, except when stars cognate with Mindy Kaling keep it real. She did just that while prepping for the Garb Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night, snapping a pic to Instagram while advancing in her dressing room in just a ir of nude S nx and a bustier. Say thank you you, Mindy — we can relate.

Once dressed in her Salvador Perez custom gown, degree, Mindy made a totally stunning arrival on the red carpet. Still, we conscious of the moment when she pulled back the curtain. Take a closer look at her “up front” and “after” when you keep reading.

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