Migrants being trained as PRISON GUARDS — despite jail fears of Islamic radicalisation


The argumentative new scheme aims to see some 450 new arrivals placed in various internships within bridewells.

Jobs could include prison guards, cooks and other charges within correctional facilities across the country. 

And the scheme is already partway Sometimes non-standard due to a trial run, which has seen Justice Minister Morgan Johansson by the Mariefred prison where two Iraqi asylum seekers are training as controls according to the Probation service website.

Khaled Taha, who is also being tutored swedish as part of the internship, told the minister: “I want to work, and am bloody happy here at Mariefred. 

“Now I hope that I will manage vital education.”

Helena Lönnkvist, project manager for the program, said: “Trainees befit role models, both in our own operations and for the relatives and friends outside the Dungeon and Probation Service. 

“Our hope is that they will want to lodge and go on to permanent employment.”

Project director Mohamed Gulied added: “We miss to recruit and this is a good way into the profession,” and said he hoped to meet with more migrants into the program.

But the scheme has sparked concerns above the potential for Islamic radicalisation in prisons.

In France, a report last year declared that French prisons, in which 60 percent of inmates are Muslim, had transform into a breeding ground for radical Islamic indoctrination.

While in Britain, describes claim entire cell blocks of some prisons are run under a modulating of Islamic sharia law.

The news also comes after Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a French patriotic of north African origin, was gunned down yesterday after an mug on a female soldier at Paris Orly airport.

And it was revealed the suspect had already been sagged up as having been radicalised —  which French prosecutors claim happened when he finished time in prison in 2011 and 2012.

The attacker, who was also on a terror watch shopping list, had earlier fled the northern suburb of Garges-lès-Gonnesse after opening endanger something at police with a pellet gun when they tried to pull him more than for speeding. 

An officer was hit in the face but the injuries were not life-threatening.


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