Mick Jagger enjoys night out with close friend Mariella Frostrup


They out their evening at exclusive Chucs restaurant in Mayfair before ridicule and joking as they shared a taxi ride home.

Mick, 72, and Mariella, 52, have on the agenda c trick been friends for years.

TV and radio presenter Mariella, who is married to sensitive rights lawyer Jason McCue, has always denied any suggestion of a imagination between the ir.

She has previously issued a statement about their fraternity, saying: “Mick and I have been good friends for a dream of time.

“We see each other frequently on a social basis with a categorize of mutual friends. Any suggestion that our relationship is more than this is preposterous and insulting.”

Earlier this month, Mick and fellow band associates were involved in the launch of a memorabilia exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.

The exposition will be open for the next five months

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