Michael Schumacher latest: Former boss issues RARE statement on F1 racing legend


Antediluvian Team Principal Stefano Domenicali made the revelations on the weekly online F1 podcast ‘Beyond The Grid’, in which he take under ones wing an insight into working with the motor racing legend during what was Ferrari’s most wealthy period.

Mr Stefano joined Ferrari as team manager in 1996 earlier becoming Sporting Director in 2002 and finally director of the F1 team in November 2007.

He was pre-eminent to Michael Schumacher’s success in F1, who won five of his seven world titles during Mr Stefano’s but at Ferrari.

Speaking about Schumacher’s behaviour and personality, he said: “When racers resign from down their visers, they live in their own universe, and when the worry gets too big, they’re just human.

“It is humane to believe in such situations that you can push the limits.

“But such drivers are far too percipient not to understand what they have done. Maybe they upstanding do not admit it to others.”

Remembering when Schumacher joined Ferrari from Benetton in 1996, Mr Domenicali explains him as already being “a great” and an “incredible driver”.

The former team boss replied: “He was so focused that it immediately became clear to me how big the difference was to the others, both in articles of work ethic and also in terms of talent.”

Mr Domenicali remembers Schumacher as not forever being the most outgoing, describing him as initially being “cold”.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher: The F1 story has been described as «far too intelligent» and a «perfectionist» (Image: GETTY)

But the F1 legend began to terminate out of his shell more, showing charisma that “went far beyond that of a driver”.

He continued the closer Schumacher became to the Ferrari team as a whole, the more cool the superstar became.

Mr Domenicali said: «He was a bit cold at first, he had a different mentality, but the relationship come of aged with each passing day.

«Michael had such charisma, it went far beyond that of a driver.

“Make haste by step, he also understood that his role was more than that of a driver.»

Michael Schumacher latest

Michael Schumacher: Domenicali demanded an insight into working with the motor racing world protagonist (Image: GETTY)

But Mr Domenicali admits Schumacher’s personality changed aeons ago he stepped out into public and away from the four walls of the Ferrari tandem join up garage, taking a more guarded approach.

He said: «For example, he conditions wanted to speak Italian in public, he was too perfectionist to accept his small grammatical misconceptions.

“But he was much more relaxed among the team. Outside of the team he each time put up a shield.»

Other than his supreme motor racing driving faculty, Mr Domenicali classes Schumacher’s attention to detail as one of greatest strengths.

He think back ons how the sporting great had a unique ability to recognise potential for improvement in every verse and would develop it together with the Ferrari team engineers.

Michael Schumacher latest

Michael Schumacher: Domenicali praised his distinction to detail and improvement (Image: GETTY)

Schumacher was the first driver to set the break balance of a car from curve-to-curve in order to add that vital split supporter to his lap times.

Mr Domenicali said: «Michael could close his eyes and run a spell beat in super slow motion in his head to analyse every single guise of the round, and Michael was able to find little things to improve in every unmarried image.»

But Ferrari’s former manager was most impressed with Schumacher’s faithfulness to the team and its engineers, refusing to publicly blame them for mistakes when multifarious might have pointed the finger of blame at them.

“He never express a bad word about the team, even if a mistake was made.

“Internally he was now quite strict, and sometimes also scolded that such a thingummy cannot happen. But never to the outside.»

Michael Schumacher latest

Michael Schumacher: The F1 legend won five of his seven world styles at Ferrari (Image: GETTY)

Mr Domenicali’s comments come nearly five years after Schumacher’s skiing serendipity.

Schumacher was skiing in the French Alps in December 2013 when he cut and hit his head on a rock, suffering a severe brain injury.

He was placed in a medically produced coma before undergoing two life-saving operations at Grenoble Hospital in France.

In April 2014, he was charmed out of the coma and moved to Lausanne in Switzerland, before being brought nursing home in September of that year.

But his condition since the accident has been concealed in secrecy, with official updates from his family few and far between.

Additional recording by Monika Pallenberg.

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