Michael Schumacher: Heartbroken former manager Willi Weber ‘closes chapter’ on F1 legend


Michael Schumacher and Willi Weber

Michael Schumacher: Willi Weber implies he has ‘closed the chapter’ on his longtime friend (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Willi Weber, who executed alongside the racing ace throughout the bulk of his glittering career, spoke of the hurt he felt over Schumacher’s condition but said he can no longer continue black.

Mr Weber, 76, also addressed speculation the Schumacher family could arouse the F1 legend to Majorca, insisting “Michael never wanted to live there”.

Whilom Ferrari driver Schumacher suffered a severe head injury in December 2013 after knocking his head on a jagged rock while skiing in the French Alps.

Doctors put oned two life-saving operations before placing him in a medically induced coma, from which he later be revealed.

After a long mourning period, I closed the chapter of Michael

Willi Weber

But favour updates on his condition have been incredibly scarce as his family, rash to maintain his privacy, have refused to release information.

Mr Weber, who behoved a close confidant of Schumacher, said he has no more strength to keep hoping for well-behaved news.

He told German magazine Bunte: «We had the best, most famed time together and went through thick and thin together for 20 years.

«After a extended mourning period, I closed the chapter of Michael, otherwise I would go maddened.”

Michael Schumacher and Willi Weber in 1993

Willi Weber worked as Schumacher’s manager for 20 years (Incarnation: GETTY IMAGES)

Lamenting the accident which irrevocably changed the record-breaking racer’s person, Mr Weber added it was proof “that none of us have our own fate in our hands”.

Schumacher’s is currently breathing at his home by Switzerland’s Lake Geneva, but reports emerged in August he discretion soon be moving to the Balearic Islands.

Speculation began following promulgates that his wife Corinna had bought a £27million mansion in Andratx, Majorca.

The on dits were further fuelled by comments by the mayor of Andratx who declared the F1 ace leave be moving to the area.

A spokesman for the Schumacher family denied any suggestion the stock would move to Majorca and Mr Weber insisted his protégé would not comprise felt at home there anyway.

Michael Schumacher skiing

The F1 hero suffered a major noddle injury in while skiing in 2013 (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

He told Bunte the F1 idol was supposed to be given a plot of land on the Balearic Island about 20 years ago, demanded he employ a local company to construct the house.

But he said Schumacher had politely jettisoned the offer because he never liked Majorca.

He told Bunte: «Michael not ever wanted to live in Majorca, he did not feel well there.”

«It was far from being his pipedream island, even if many now pretend that he loved Majorca, that’s not proper.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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