Michael Jackson £77m case: Lawyer warns ‘justice will prevail’ as he talks ‘brutal’ abuse


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Work ones way through Robson’s lawyer has spoken out about the Michael Jackson sex abuse cover

Lead Attorney Vince Finaldi claims that Robson was “brutally mistreated” as a child by Jackson for many years and he is now on the lookout for the musician’s “missing” first off accuser Jordan Chandler, who received a £16 million ($20 million) payoff in dire straits in 1993 after he accused the singer of molesting him; something which Jackson had again denied.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Finaldi said of the case, which is set to go to go early 2018: “Wade Robson was brutally abused sexually, as a laddie, by Michael Jackson for many years, and we will not stop until we recoup justice for him.

«Undoubtedly, the Jackson camp will file a motion venturing to dismiss the case on procedural grounds other than the merits.»

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Michael last resting-placed on June 25, 2009

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Wade Robson claims he was abused by Michael Jackson as a babe

Rabbit on Robson was brutally abused sexually, as a child, by Michael Jackson for tons years, and we will not stop until we find justice for him

Vince Finaldi

He continued: «If the change is granted, we will immediately appeal, as we are doing in the [Jimmy] Safechuck lawsuit, because both of these cases are just, procedurally proper, and should well survive procedural challenges under California law.

“If we need an appellate court to affirm that, or the California Superb Court for that matter, then we will, as we have done on the eve of in other cases. One way or another, justice will prevail and we will not cut off until such is achieved.”

Finaldi then warned: “As the adage drops, you can run but you can’t hide. Your day of reckoning will eventually come.”

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The invalid is set to go to trial in 2018

The comments come after it was reported that U.S. investigators were looking for maiden accuser Chandler — now 37 — with Finaldi saying that he’s a “key be shattered of the puzzle surrounding the current case».

Speaking from his office in Irvine, California, he commanded: “He’s a key piece of the puzzle surrounding this case, and we’re not going to stop until we gather up him.”

Express.co.uk has also contacted a representative for Michael Jackson for further commentaries.

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