Michael Gove blasts Lib Dems for ‘sabotaging’ Theresa May during coalition government


The Cautious Party politician defended Theresa May’s record as home secretary, as an LBC caller put him on the area over the party’s determination to deliver on its election pledges. 

The caller when requested to know why the Tory party’s promise, which was unveiled in 2010, to stunt immigration to the UK was not met after the 2010 general election. 

The former education secretary ventured: “Without wanting to tell too many tales outside of school, during the 2010-2015 direction we were in coalition.

“There were a number of things that Theresa put forth that the Liberal Democrats either objected to or diluted.”

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Mr Gove lashed out against the Lib Dems on LBC

And as the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after speaking in Morley, Leeds


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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after be obvious in Morley, Leeds

Quashing speculation the Tories are moving away from David Cameron’s object by confirming a pledge to reduce the figure to the “tens of thousands”, Mrs May added: “It’s because of the import that it has one people, the impact that it has on people particularly at the lower end of the takings scale and in terms of the pressure on public services.”

The PM also appealed to voters to read her a strong mandate to deliver Brexit after Emmanuel Macron was elected President in France throughout the weekend. 

She said: “Yesterday, a new French president was elected. He was elected with a basic mandate which he can take with him as a strong position in the negotiations.

“The UK, we distress to ensure we’ve got an equally strong mandate. Every vote for me and my team wishes strengthen my hand in those Brexit negotiations.

“The alternative is to risk framing Jeremy Corbyn prime minister, and just imagine, try and picture him mark time at that negotiating table with the collective might of the European Commission and 27 other European hinterlands against him.

“We know other parties are lining up to prop him up as a coalition of bedlam, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish nationalists and others.”