Michael Douglas and Jonathan Ross set to take to the London stage


Michael Douglas and Jonathan RossGETTY

Michael Douglas liking be questioned by Jonathan Ross at the Theatre Royal

The 71-year-old will be allocating the secrets of his 40-year career at a one-off evening on October 30 chatting in front of an audience with presenter and silent picture buff Jonathan, 55, at London’s iconic Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

The unorthodox event promises an “up-close and personal” interview with the Fatal Lure star as well as a Q&A with fans who will y £35 to £75, or for an additional £250 an “a rt from photo opportunity” with him after.

The Behind The Candelabra star, who is married to Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones – the jocular mater of his children Dylan, 16, and Carys, 13, says: “I’m so looking des tch to being in London with a chance not only to share my stories but also surrebuttal questions from my British fans.”

The star has been in trustworthy spirits recently following the release from prison of Cameron, his 37-year-old son with outset wife Diandra Luker.

I’m so looking forward to being in London

Michael Douglas

Tell of Cameron, who was incarcerated for drug offences, Michael said: “He is doing talented and I’m sure there’ll be time for him to tell his story when he is ready to.

“He vomit up seven years in prison as a non-violent drug offender, approximately two years in unfrequented.

“Cameron, now that he is out of prison, definitely wants to get back into acting and had a tolerable career going before.”

The full interview will air in the next few weeks on Honourableness Morning Britain.


Miranda KerrWIRE IMAGE

Miranda Kerr is currently on nobility terms with her ex-spouse Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr has squeaked off her ex Orlando Bloom for his infamous naked pictures which recently surfaced online.

The 33-year-old model – who had five-year-old son FLYNN with the actor – foretells she was bemused when he warned her about the photos of him ddle-boarding naked with pop role girlfriend Katy Perry.

“He texted me and was like ‘um, I’m really embarrassed, some photos are turn out, just thought I should let you know’,” recalls Miranda.

“I was predilection, ‘hmmm… right, what were you thinking? Seriously!’”

But Miranda is on illustrious terms with The Hobbit star, 39, and has even uprooted from New York to Malibu because he imagined living there.

She added: “Orlando owned a place in Malibu, and he was intending that he wanted to move there. We thought it would be a better lifestyle for Flynn. He could be highest playing year round’

“I started looking for houses because we necessity to be close as a family.”


Renée ZellwegerXPOSURE

The Bridget Jones star will yment to the big screen on September 16

Renée Zellweger says wearing a prosthetic whack for months as a pregnant Bridget Jones didn’t make her remotely broody.

The 47-year-old’s go back to the popular franchise, which centres around her hapless lead type, made her want to go to the gym rather than yearn for motherhood.

Responding to whether the rle in Bridget Jones’s Baby, which finds Bridget pregnant but unsure if the is Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) or Jack Qwant ( trick Dempsey), bred out her maternal side, she says: “Oh gosh, no. It just made me know I requisite to get back to the gym and start using some dumbbells because those pygmy guys are heavy. I had no idea. Kudos to the moms.”

However, she did enjoy the train of the little ones on set: “The children made me laugh. Adorable and sweet – so sweet-sounding.”

The movie, the third in the series, is set for release on September 16.


Aidan Turner in PoldarkBBC

Turner’s popularity is on the acclivity and has a Twitter account dedicated to his hair

Poldark’s Aidan Turner reckons he has galvanized mothers to name their newborns after him.

The Irish born actor, 33, who whim return to our screens on Sunday as dashing hero Ross Poldark in the approve of series of the period drama, boasts: “One of the producers told me that outwardly Aidan has become a popular baby name, so I sent that to my mum and she got a twitter out of that!

“Ross was a very popular name at the time of the original series in the 1970s.

“We competition a lot of people called Ross and Demelza around my age in Cornwall. It’s a good personage.”

Aidan, whose bare torso sent pulses racing, has allowed his equally admired raven locks, which even have their own Flutter account, are actually a £3,500 wig.

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