MH370 DID plunge into the ocean, new debris 'proves' amid claims pilot was on death drive


The plane’s wing boasts that the aircraft’s wing flap was not deployed at the time of im ct be in control out a controlled crash, which would have required the flaps to be deployed.

The aircraft vanished in Slog 2014 as it was flying from Kuala Lumper to Beijing and investigators are till trying to understand what exactly happened.

Experts said the new debris appearances flaps, which are a type of high-lift device used to increase the stimulus of an aircraft wing, were not deployed and so there was not a controlled landing.

There bear been claims that the pilot of the doomed jet, Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah, was “disappointed” following a breakdown in a relationship.

The aircraft’s flap is still being proofed by The Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Head of the organisation’s search, Peter Foley, communicated: “The rate of descent combined with the position of the flap, if it is found that it is not deployed, want almost certainly rule out either a controlled ditch or glide.”

Thousands of other productions of debris have been found in recent months off the coast of Mozambique and Madagascar.

Australia has been cardinal the search for the missing aircraft and its 239 ssengers, using underwater drones and sonar accoutrements deployed from specialist ships.

Countries have agreed that in the non-appearance of “credible new information” the search for the missing aeroplane could end later this year.

Comes of what appears to be burnt debris found on a beach in Madagascar could support missing MH370 plane suffered a fire.

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