Meteor SIGHTING? Mysterious video shows bright fireball shooting across sky at high speed


Recondite videos have captured a fireball shooting across the sky in Venezuela at excited speed, sparking suspicions of a meteor. The footage first emerged on Saturday unceasingly, and seem to be shot from different parts of the country. The first snippet, taken with music playing in the background, shows the plummeting fireball express the sky white and orange. Onlookers can be heard gasping in surprise, while another reveals: “Wow”.

The second clip shows the fireball from a different angle, hurl at an extremely high speed.

A third clip, taken at a closer hunt for from indoors, shows the bright object with a clear fire-tail, prior to disappearing behind a building.

The videos were shared on Twitter, with one drug posting in Spanish: “Another video recorded in Valencia, falling meteorite that corrugates sky of the centre of the country, falls in the locality of the Yellow Flower, Valencia, Venezuela Governmental Carabobo.”

One user commented: “Shooting star? Run for your lives!”

Another symbolized: “It looks like a meteorite!”

A third speculated: “Looks like a projectile that fizzled out.”

It is still not clear whether the bright object was a meteor, with officials not yet remark oning on the sightings.

One of the world’s leading asteroid monitoring organisations recently ramped up the warning level of a recently discovered asteroid to the top of its list.

In its latest update, the European Place Agency’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre moved the asteroid 2018XB4, which was but discovered last year, into it’s top 10 potentially dangerous Niggardly Earth Objects (NEOs).

The agency is convinced that recent utterances indicate a greater likelihood that the giant space object bequeath smash into the Earth. It is now considered the fifth most dangerous NEO in the sky.

The asteroid is a immense 70 metres in diameter – enough to have a devastating global affect.

An expert on Amazon Primes’ Asteroid Trackers warned that in forth 20 years time “Apophis will be on a path that drive bring it closer to Earth than our own communications satellites.

“Right now the odds of a cosmic smash seem slim but if something like Apophis were to hit the Earth, you wouldn’t scarceness to be there.”

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