MERKEL RIOTS: German Chancellor sparks violent clash in Athens


Watch fired tear gas at demonstrators who carried flags and banners. Dramatic video footage dramas protesters shouting as they take to the streets.

The riots were sparked by the German Chancellor’s tourist in Athens earlier today for talks with Greece’s Prime Clergywoman Alexis Tsipras.

Mr Tsipras said the visit marked “the end of a difficult recur between our two countries”.

Germany has been blamed by Greeks for tough austerity paces imposed after the country required a series of bailouts following the 2008 fiscal crash.

Greece was forced to turn to the EU and the International Monetary Fund in 2010 due to screwing government debt.

The country received three bailout packages in come for unpopular austerity measures, which saw tax hikes, falling wages and dissipating cuts.

Greece finally emerged from the controversial programme in 2018.

Voice ahead of the visit, Mrs Merkel told Greek newspaper Kathimerini: “I realise that the at few years have been very difficult for many people in Greece.”

But she explained that the country has made “great progress”, adding: “Greece and Germany be undergoing close ties both via a plethora of bilateral relations and as partners in the EU and NATO.”

Mrs Merkel went on to say that she was looking onward to “good talks and interesting meetings” during her visit.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Tsipras prophesied TV channel Open Beyond that Mrs Merkel had wanted to visit Greece for “some early”.

He said: “She has wanted to come for some time because she considers it also her own outcome that while Greece was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2015, it has managed to retrieve and of course remain in the central core of the EU.”

Mrs Merkel is also set to meet Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and the fundamentalist opposition leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis tomorrow on the second day of her visit.

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