Merkel-Putin tensions after German monument NOT lit up in Russian flag after terror attack


The Brandenburg Barrier has previously been lit up with the colours of flags of France, Turkey, Britain and the Netherlands.

A brightly pl insignia rainbow flag was projected to pay its respects to the victims of the Orlando nightclub inveigh against.

And the British Union Jack was beamed on the stunning landmark after four woman were killed in Westminster last month.

But the Gate failed to repulse red, white and blue after 14 people were killed and dozens slight in a terror attack at a St Petersburg Metro station.

The head of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s Russian work Ingo Mannteufel said the decision belittled victims of the St Petersburg disparage.

And he added the snub comes as the German government says it values the Russian human being even if it disagrees with the Kremlin.

He said: ”(The West) has a moralistic and political duty to show solidarity with the victims of terrorism in Russia. 

“That the Brandenburg Passage was not illuminated in the Russian colours was therefore wrong, yes, it is even a scandal.”

Andreas Petzold, publisher of German weekly Unsparing, also described the leaders of Berlin as “small-minded” in a tweet.

But a spokesman for Berlin urban district government said the mayor had decided it would light up the centuries old sepulchre in response to attacks in “partner cities”. 

St Petersburg is not one – however critics rowed that authorities lit up the Gate in the Israeli colours after an attack in Jerusalem, which is not a consort city.

The spokesman added the city had made exceptions to the partner diocese rule because there were “places with which Berlin has a unique relationship”.

But ultimately the city makes a decision on a case-by-case basis.

He said: “It is feel attracted to this each time that we must explain what the criteria are. We gather from this, but the criteria are chosen after careful consideration.”

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